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+++ Contract +++

Anyone interested in buying a show-quality dog from us, under the condition that you promise to show the dog, we request that you send to us a "must-show" contract before we send you the dog or puppy. You must update the dog's show results on your website and social network outlets with me and my kennel appearing as the breeder.

Regardless of the quality of dogs, if you receive a dog from us, it means we trust you. Please maintain our faith by taking good care of the dogs. Let them live with dignity, and allow us to check up on them, for the rest of their lives. If there's anything we're uncomfortable with, please don't be upset if we ask to discuss the issues. If we no longer find you trustworthy, we reserve the right to call back our dogs.

If, in the future, you no longer wish to have the dog, you must send the dog back to us, on your own expenses, or to another owner. The new owner must be officially approved by us.

In the case that you purchase a show-quality bitch from us, we reserve the right as the breeder, to demand that other than you show the bitch and finish her championship, she must only be bred with male champions.

Dogs or puppies of pet-quality, must be bound by a sterilized-contract. The buyer will not receive the pedigree papers until he/she shows proof from a veterinarian that the dog has been spayed or neutered.

Breeding any dogs from my line with merles chihuahuas is strictly prohibited, under all circumstances. I want this clause included in the contract as well.

Any dogs of Saiyai's line, must not be involved in an in-breeding program. Whether it's father with child, mother with child, or among siblings.

This contract will bind the dog for the rest of its life, so please consider before contacting us.


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