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Friend's links and associated websites

Cavaliers King Charles Spaniel

1. Red Rock Cavaliers link

A famous cavalier breeder in Las Vegas. Where our sweet "Winky" came from.

2. My Way Cavaliers, Italy link

3. Cavaliere Vom Paulinenhof link

4. Bavarian-Hearts Cavaliers link

5. Rosebury Cavaliers link

6. Cadeau Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, USA link

7. Kennel Alkamarito link

8. Dobry Rock Cavaliers link

9. Lazycroft Kennel link

10. Zellamir's Cavalier King Charle's Spaniel, Sweden link

11. Aneridee Cavalier King Charles Spaniels link

12. Riccaval Cavalier King Charles Spaniels link

13. PASSERIPHANE Cavalier King Charles link


Our Partner

1. Saiyai-Divine Cavalier King Charles Spaneil link
A hobby exhibitor breeder who was successful at breeding and showing shih-tzu in Indonesia, has become our first and only partner at exhibiting cavalier king charles.



1. Adorable Puppy link

2. Alen's Dream Chihuahua Park link

3. AmazingTails kennel link

4. Amiroyal Kennel link

5 .Obrazek Andrea Gemini Chihuahuas Kennel, SLOVAKIA link

6. A.P. Srisuthum Chihuahua, Thailand link

7. Beautiful Valley Chihuahuas link

7. Bonitos Chihuahuas link

8. Brislin Chihuahuas, USA link

Michelle Brislin has "Saiyai's Miracle Moment to Brislin- Tommie Jr"  from Saiyai Kennel

9. By Charlotte Chihuahuas link

10. Capitolchihuahuas, USA link

11. Chap Chip Chihuahua Japan link

Mayumi, a nice lady, with very beautiful chihuahuas in Japan.

12. Chidelia Chihuahuas, Norway link

13. Chihuahuas de Iniesta link

Very famous chihuahua breeder from Germany. The owner of "Cash's sire."

14. Chihuahuas of European Friendship link

15.ObrazekChovatel' sk? stanica chihuahua ZUZANIN RAJ, SLOVAKIA link

16. Dazzle Chihuahuas link

17. Dewdrops Chihuahuas link

18. Diamond King Kennel link

A well-known Philippino breeder. He breeds chihuahua, pomeranian, and Doberman.

19. Dyumari Chihuahuas link

20. Fandango Chihuahuas link

21. Flo de Canela Kennel link

22. Great Hill's Chihuahuas and Great Danes link

23. Harger Chihuahuas, USA link

24. Herederos del Olimpo, Spain link

25. Hibiscus Chihuahuas, Ontario, Canada link

26. House of Beautiful Stars link

27. Joya's Chihuahuas, Germany link

28. Marlisa's Maltese and Chihuahuas link

29. Masway Kennel Chihuahuas link

30. Microschihuas kennel, Serbia link

31. Misty Meadow's Chihuahuas link

32. Morgan Chihuahuas ,USA link

33. M.S.T United Chihuahua link

A nice breeder from Japan. She has Am.Ch. Gambler, a half-brother of our "Cash." WOW

34. Nightwish Kennel, Sweden link

35. Prancing Chihuahua's link

36. Quanndio Kennel link

37. Sollette Chihuahuas, Switzerland link
Roxana Hossli and family, with their intentions to spread beautiful chihuahuas to the world, and they have had a very good start now

38. Sombrero Chihuahua Club link

39. link

40. Sugarhills Chihuahua Kennel, Sweden link
Ellika & Peter have got a big gang of show quality puppies from Saiyai Kennel.

41. Sunny Chihuahuas, Slovakia link

42. Tippawan Kennel Chihuahua link

43. Top of the Hunterberg kennel link

44. Toy Wonder Kennel link

A very determined Philippino chihuahua breeder.





Other Breeds

1. Aurora Shih Tzu Link

A young Thai couple who breeds shitzu.

2. Blue Moonlight Maltese Kennel link

Top Maltese Breeder of the Year 2005-2007, of Hungary. Where "Malee," from Saiyai Kennel went to live with, happily.

3. Midis Maltese link

4. Cosmos Maltese, USA link


If you like Afghan Hounds, click here, they live in Paris.

6. King Charles Spaniel, one of my favorite breed link

7. Le clos de Marialan, ?levage de Colley

a nice breeder of Collie in France link



1. Best Chihuahua Site link

2. Pet News link

3. link

4. Puppy Sites link



1. American Kennel Club link

American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club link

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Thailand link

3. Chihuahua Club of Thailand link

4. The Kennel Club of Thailand link

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