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Th.Ch. Buabaan's Saiyai Minnie

Minnie was one of the first champions of Saiyai Doghome. I had never imagined that Minnie would be the first who passes at the second home. Minnie was running around like a kid all day and ate her dinner perfectly fine, a few hours before she peacefully slept without breathing. Minnie was 10 years old. She passed away quietly with no problem, the same way she was living in the past 10 years - no problem but only give happiness and joy.

29 June, 2012

Th.Ch. Appealing King Typhoon

Hello Folks, my name is Appealing King Typhoon Saiyai aka. "Typhoon."

I flew from America to Thailand to become a member of Saiyai Doghome, 5 years ago. It was a long journey, that some could s
ay it was meant to be. Mom told me that I inspires her so much that she founded the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Thailand, which she has been the President of, since.

I am just a regular cavalier king charles, which has the qualities of being sweet, gentle, polite, honest, sensitive, a good memory, and knowing what's appropriate and what isn't. These may be the basic qualities of our breed. This may be why me, and my other cavalier friends, know what to do with mom or other family members. When mom is happy and lively, I would join her in her jogging. If she was sad, and she just wanted to sit in silence, I also would not mind laying down quietly next to her. I do not have to pretend to be these things. I do and be these things, gladly.

Mom, presented the stories and pictures of me, here and on facebook, occasionally. She also created the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Thailand page on Facebook, with me being the inspiration. Therefore, many people have already said hello to me many times. The simple, yet warm time I spent in the Saiyai Doghome family, is only 5 years long. Is it not too soon for me to say goodbye to you all? . Some people have only just met me.

It may be due to the qualities of cavalier king charles spaniels, we do not show our pain to others. We also think first of the happiness of our family members and owners. I've been suffering for a while, but I thought it was nothing serious, so I didn't show the symptoms. I still slept (acted) happily on the same bed with mom. I still wagged my tail every time she came home. I still rested my chin on her shoulders every time she was playing the computer or being on facebook. It was only 3 weeks ago that Brother Sa noticed that I seemed sad. Mom freaked out, and had me go check at the hospital. They found that I had kidney problems, and cancer in my lymph gland. I could barely eat anything. The vet issued chemotherapy for me. I could still communicate with mom, with love. I saw mom and our family being so sad. I tried to comfort them by eating everything they gave me, as if I was normal. Mom also cooked me especially healthy food for me. Some friends brought and sent medicine to Thailand. Not to mention, the kind wishes and blessings I receive from all around the world.

But since my illness was very serious, despite the intensive care, and the constant flow of love and wishes, only helped me stay until the evening of August 10th, 2011. I decided to leave this world, and traveled across the rainbow bridge to heaven, while I was surrounded by love. I just had lunch, including all supplements, in such a way that it cheered up my mom, and all the others around the world. Mom's friend, Mrs. Kananart, was massaging me gently. She put on me a necklace containing energy iron. I felted comfortable, and breathing easily. I was happy. But in that minute, I didn't feel like breathing anymore, and I stopped. The vet, who has been so kind to me, was called in, and she arrived in minutes. She tried to get my heart going again, but I told myself that I already wanted to go to the rainbow bridge. I still felt fortunate that in my last minute, I was in the loving arms of mom.

To Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Shirley, I thank you and I'm so grateful the two of you carried the SNE to me. Mom and I truly believed that it helped me keep going until the 10th. I apologize I decided to go away before you went back to Malaysia, and caused you to lose tears. I thank you as well for staying with mom, giving her someone to cry with.

Thank you, Mrs. Jill Marsh, Ms. Micheline Saluga, and other kind friends for paying attention and caring for the different treatments I was receiving. It meant a lot to mom and family, who are still here on this world with you. And it means so very much to me, who are traveling to heaven.

So, this conversation is like a hello to some, and a goodbye to everyone.
Till we meet again.

10 August, 2011

The Dog that taught us how to love her kind, has passed away, but will forever remain with us.

This is Lady's card for donating her blood. Each time, Sa and I would accompany her to the blood donation.


Lady was a family member who had been with us, with this house almost as long
as we've been here. Lady was quite old. If she left us because of that
factor, it'd have been more "acceptable". In fact, before this, we have
talked about preparing ourselves to face the fact that Lady and Fergie ( her
buddy who came to our house at the same time and stay together all the time)
are old and they might leave us soon.

Sa was the closest person to Lady. He had her sleep in his bedroom, fed her,
hugged her, and played with her everyday. It's like they grew up together
with this house. Because he was so close to her, he kept asking me how long
would a golden retriever lives. He asked so often like he wished the answer
would change to something as if they could live "longer" than he heard the
first time.

Lady was a lively Golden Retriever. We can say that she's one of the
happiest dog on earth. She always wagged, made sounds to show her happiness,
or "retrieve" lief or anything near to by to give it to us every time we get
home. Especially with Sa, no matter what she was up to, if she heard or saw
Sa's car, she would drop anything in the world to come and greet him and Sa
would play with her every time.

On August 30th, Lady, who always wagged and ran happily,
didn't look the same. When Sa called her to come, she could barely walk. Her
head was down. Her eyes were swollen. Her stomach was hard and looked like
it was going to exploded. It couldn't be anything else except that Lady was
sick - very sick.

We took her to the hospital. The traffic was insanely bad. Sa was
going crazy. Meanwhile, I called every vet I know to consult. Everyone agreed
that it must have been because she ran right after she ate then gas got into
her stomach. Her stomach twisted and couldn't release the gas. Once we got
the the hospital, the vets there diagnosed the same thing. They tried to
insert a tube to see her stomach but couldn't because her stomach was
completely twisted. They decided to do a surgery , and Lady didn't wake

We took lady home. Sa didn't talk or show his feelings to me and his dad
much. But as a mom, I knew my son was very sad. That made my heart broke
more. I felt so awfully bad for Lady. She must had been in so much pain. I
felt so bad for Sa. His heart must be broken. I learned later that Sa
contacted Saiyai, who is in the US, just to express his sorrow. That night,
Sa laid next to Lady all night. In the morning, we dig a hole and placed
Lady under a big tree, right next to where Typhoon was laid.

I didn't ask Sa what he was thinking or what went through his mind while he
"talked " to Lady that night. But I guess Sa would want her to get up, grab her
rawhide, wag her tail so hard it would hit something then Sa would say
"Lady, you did it again!"... instead, she just laid there, not moving.

This photo is the photo on Lady's identification card for her blood
donation, which she did twice a year. Last time she donated was when she
was 7 years old, a few months ago. Every time she went to a
hospital to donate, she went with me and Sa, like in the picture. Lady was a
sweetheart to everyone at the hospital because she was always happy and while
she gave blood she would make sound as if she was singing to herself and wag
her tail at the same time.

RIP dear Lady,
We will meet again, if I deserve to go to heaven, I know you are up there.

July, 2011

Life...Will Never be the Same

Pear was Panjo's buddy

Panjo is the handicapped Pomeranian that my family adopted eight years ago. Panjo can't use his back legs and had spinal chord issues from the time he was born. Every time he peed, he had to lift his two back legs in the air and stand on his front feet, and his pee would fall down onto his chest. We had to clean him every time he finished. He barely had teeth, so he had to eat special liquid food. It sounds like a burden, but it wasn't at all, compared to the smiles and laughs we received from his strange behavior and loyal look in his eyes. It turned out that Panjo was the one "giving "more than "receiving".

Panjo went with my family almost everywhere. He always slept in a bag with Pear, my 3-legged female Pomeranian - they were buddies. When at home, Panjo slept on his cushion at the end of my bed. Every time I walked anywhere he followed me, not ever letting his crippled legs become a burden; he was like my shadow.

The look Panjo gave me, always full with love and loyalty - there are no other looks that can compare to how he looked at me.

Yesterday, I was talking to an architect about a house I am planning to build and move to with some of the dogs. While Iwas
talking to him, Panjo was at my feet as always, listening, but he might have thought he was a burden or was being abandoned - which is not true and would never have been true.

Panjo decided to take his breath out of his body and went to the rainbow bridge last night. My husband found him sleeping, frozen with his eye closed at the place he always slept. It's just that this morning, he didn't wake up to look at me with 'the look' that nothing else compares to. He didn't stand up on his two front feet to run after me when I went out to offer food to the monks or exercise. When I walked back, there was no Panjo to wait for me at the same spot with the loving, loyal look as always.

I knew this day had to come. I just didn't expect that I wouldn't have the chance to say good-bye to tell him I love him or to tell him how much he meant to my heart and my every day life.

Life my continue. But my life, my every day atmosphere in the house will never be the same without the look and breath of Panjo.


"Rose" passed away...

Am.Th.Ch. Saiyai's Dancin Rose Garden for Sollette
Sire: Am.Th.Ch. Marlisa's Dancin Away Baron
Dam: Th.Ch.Fandango Secret Garden "Brooke"
Breeder: Saiyai Doghome,Thailand
Ex Owner : Sollette Chihuahuas , Switzerland

In her short time, Rose made both her breeders (Saiyai & I) and her owner proud. Rose finished Thai Championship at the age of just six and a half months old . Not very often do we have a champion at such young age. She finished American championship very fast as well.
Now Rose doesn't have to work or make anyone else proud anymore. Now she is resting in peace.So long my beautiful precious "Rose".

I recieved a mail from Roxana Hossli ,today...early morning. The mail didn't make my day at all.

Roxana kindly told me that our precious "Rose" has crossed the rainbow bridge.

On September 27th , Roxana saw that Rose was not playful as ussually. She didn't eat much and slept alot. Roxana watched her carefully in the evening and woke up at 4 AM to check Rose. Roxana said when she walked into Rose's room she saw a huge puddle of diarrhea. She said it was too much for such a small dog. Roxana grapped her and droved to an animal clinic .

The vet mannaged to put an IV in her neck. At 10 AM. Rose started to move and later on she tried to sit up. But at 3.4 PM ,Rose had a heart attack , the vet tried to revive her but she was gone.

Roxana brought Rose home and burried her in the garden .

Rose left the world , traveled across the rainbow bridge to heaven on 28th September 2010 at 3.3 pm ,when she was the age of 15 months ,24 days .

I fully understand why Roxana justtold me today ,after three weeks past. It must has been hard for her to speak or write about it. For me , it's hard for my heart top make my day happy after this....and it might be for awhile...a big big while...may be all my life.

Rose must have been hurting and in so much pain. While I'm writing this ,tears are still coming out of my eyes. I can't stop crying for hours.What makes me a bit happer is thinking that Rose has no more pain now.



Look Mee, sad girl

One day 5 years ago, I walked pass a pet shop. Normally, I look down and try to stride it as fast as possible but on that day, there was some kind of power attract me to look inside. I only wanted to "glance" but my eyes met with a Boston Terrier dog, who pathetically sat in a small cage and sadly looked through a mirror. I forgot where I wanted to go but quickly marched into that pet shop. I asked for name and price, which was very high then took "Look Mee" out. Look Mee, is a Boston Terrier girl with a sweet face and a very tiny body. At that time, she was 2 years old. I took her to one of my cousins' house to observe if she had any contagious deceases since she looked weak. As I thought, she had a serious infected decease. It took her a whiled to be cured and of course, I spent so much to heal her. Once she recovered I took her home.

Look Mee was a sad quiet dog. If she saw anyone, she would try to hind as conceal as she can. But if she didn't see any human, she would lively run with puppies. Her behavior was similar to a horse chasing after puppies in circle. It was a beautiful picture, which I had to hind myself and looked from the window in the house.

Time passed, I felt that my house was getting too crowded so I was thinking about looking for a new house for Look Mee. Fortunately, a friend of mine liked Look Mee so much and he has only 2 Malteses with him. We agreed he would adopted Look Mee. Today... is the day my friend was supposed to come pick her up.

In the early morning, a maid went to wake Look Mee up to exercise and "party" as usual but found out she was sleeping breathlessly in her place. There was no reason and no sign telling us before.

Today, there were so many things upset me but, loosing almost all money,tear and hope, nothing brought sadness and depression to me, my family and my maids as much as the lost of Look Mee.



So long.. Bouquet

Bouquet was Brooke's and Donut's dauther. Her littlemates were Bally Boy, who is going to be with Peter and Ellika in Sweden and Orchid, who I plan to do her Am.CH with Stacia in Hawaii. All of them in this litter are gorgeous. Bouquet was even the most beautiful but smallest and tiny. When she was 8 months old, she weighted only 1.9 lb.

Bouquet was a tiny Chihuahua, who didn't have any health problems ( atleast she didn't show it at all). She was lively, cute, naugthy and attention seeker. She's a very mommy girl and cling on her sister, Orchid, all the time. The image of 3 of them, mother and kids, looked so funny. Brooke is big so she has big step. Orchid can follow her but Bouquet had to run after and call mother and sister to stop and wait for her. It was a nice and cute image. I wish I took some pictures.

The night before yesterday, one of my maid, who is the best in taking care of dogs , wanted to take Bouquet to sleep with but the other maid suggested not to because he was afraid Bouquet would get smash over (when the maid is sleeping) So she didn't take Bouquet to sleep with. Normally Bouquet will call to get attention when the maids start working in the morning but yesterday morning, it was quiet. There was no voice from Bouquet. She slept with no breeth next Orchid, who stared at her sister wondering what happened. She passed away without any sign before. I didn't know what happened. There was no bark wanting attention from Bouquet, only the crying from everyone in the family.

Some friends kindly calm me and try to make me feel better by saying at least Bouquet didn't suffer. The reason might be the heart attack, which happens to too small dogs. Those words comfort me a lot yet on the other hand, I question myself "is it true that all past 8 months, she didn't suffer anything? "

The lost of Bouquet makes my recent 2 days are sad days for me. Eventhough I was busy and had 100 things to do but images and voice of Bouquet pop up in my head 100 times a day as well.

So long Bouquet. We will miss and love you always.


See Fah....Where are you????

See-Fah is a blue female poodle toy, who was sold on the street while she still had milk on her nipples. It meant that she just gave birth and I didn't even know if the puppies weaned yet before they were taken away from her. I looked at the weak puddle toy, who had very sad eyes and asked for her name from the seller, who looked reluctant and seemed to not even know the name of the dog. I thought to myself that if I let the dog there, she would become worse than she already was. I bought her without knowing what to do with her because I did not breed Poodle. I call her See-Fah, which means blue, just like her color.

At my office, I posted a notice looking for someone to take care of the dog. My secretary told me that there was a colleague, who wasn't an employee at the company but she was an event organizer, wanted a dog. She wanted a small size dog that can be her child's friend because her child wanted it and she wanted her kid to learn how to take care of a dog. I decided to call that person to come take a look at See-Fah. "Ko" came with a son. Her son liked See Fah very much. Koh seemed fine and asked to adopt See Fah so I gave it to her. In my heart, I did not hope that she will love See Fah deeply and unconditionally. I wished See Fah would have a better life than what she had before. I hoped "love" among them would grow and grow.

On that day, my secretary, assistants, all the editor team and I watched See Fah riding in Koh car until the car was driven away. Everyone waived and went back to the tables without saying anything. I did not feel relief but I promised I will go visit. I told Koh that if any day that Koh and herfamily do not wish to have See Fah anymore, I'm willing to take her back.

After that, Koh contacted the company about works and she came to have meetings many times. Every time I asked about See Fah, Koh said "she is fine"

One day, I told Koh I wanted to go visit See Fah. Koh told me See Fah was at the other province with Koh's parents. I thought it was strange since at the beginning Koh told me she wanted a dog for her son. Thus, I insisted I want to go visit her in the other province. Koh looked frighten and told me to wait in Bangkok because in about 1 month, Koh would bring See Fah back to Bangkok so I could go visit. Time passed more than a month, my secretary and a few assistants agreed to go visit See Fah at Koh's parents' house in the other province. We called Koh to ask for direction so we could drive there. Koh was scared and told me that See Fah was lost from the house. I was shocked. My heart almost stopped beating. I asked Koh if she was lost for a long time yet. Koh told me it wasn't that long. So I thought about going to her parent's house still. Also, I printed out notices for a lost dog because I thought if she was just lost not long ago, there might be a way to find her.

Once Koh realized that I did not give up, Koh told me ( I do not want to use the word "confess" because the word "confess" is for a truth but I don't know what is real, what is not about whatever Koh said to me) that in fact, she was lost from the Bangkok house but at first she told me See Fah was at the other province because she didn't think I would go there. At that moment, I was furious. I started thinking to myself, See Fah must not had been lost recently.

My secretary, my team and I went to Koh's house when she was not at home. We asked people in the neighborhood. Many told us that See Fah stayed at Koh's house for just a few days. She was chained in front of the house and got herself away from it. On the day that she was lost, Koh and her family did not try to look for her, which means that See Fah had been gone from Koh's house for more than a month!!!!

On that day, we searched for her all day. We drove a car around, asking people and posting bills, which include her picture and reward for anyone report the clue for finding her. It was raining season. My heart was broken. See Fah was a house dog. She was just a small poodle toy. How would she survive from streets with so many vehicles or from bully dogs? When it was raining, where would she hide? How much See Fah would be hungry or scared? My team and I sat on the footpath crying for days when we were looking for See Fah. In the mean time, there were people claiming that they saw a dog looked like See Fah here and there. We rushed to the place and took the reward money along. In our hearts, we prayed it was See Fah. We prayed, we could finally give this rewards to someone.

But until now, the money is still with me.
From raining season turned to winter, which is colder than any year...there is no sign of See Fah.

Some people say that living depart is more torturing than death depart. Because death, we know it is the end. And we hope that who we love would be in heaven. But living is torturing. There are only missing and worrying. There is no day that I don't think of See Fah's sad eyes. I can't make a decision on my pray if I should wish her to be happy in heaven or wish her to be safe in a happy family.

See Fah's story is another mark in my heart. It tortures me. And it will leave a scar in my heart till I die.


Uncle Chin

Uncle Chin was one of our family's rescued dogs.

He was blind and was left behind at a bus stop at a tower called Chin Tower and because he was old so we called him "Uncle Chin. We picked him and let a vet keep him in a hospital.The vet found out that Uncle Chin had cancer in his sexual organ, among other infections. The vet tried to treat Uncle Chin, but had to stop because the medication was harmful to his insides. As for his eyes, they were absolutely blind and couldn't be treated.

Uncle Chin moved to live with my cousin. When the owners returned home, and Uncle Chin could smell them, he welcomed them by waging his tail happily. But Uncle Chin would be facing the walls and his butt to his owners because he was blind.

Uncle Chin passed away peacefully yesterday. So long our dear Uncle Chin ,we'll never forget you.






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