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+++ RESCUE +++


In my country, just like any other, there are people who love dogs. But at the same time, there are people who harm dogs. There are many organizations, which try to help these dogs, but they are not able to fully take care of them all. MY family is just a small family, which tries to help some of these poor dogs. We have met and seen . Of course, these experience have brought sadness to our hearts. At the same time, when we help these dogs -some have been crippled or harmed almost to death - and they go on to live better life, it has brought much joy to us and the vets who looked after them. Of course, some didn't make it.

As I've said, some of these dogs have been crippled or harm almost to death. I will try to post the "softest" pictures on this page. I will not post depressving pictures, from the moments when we first met them. I realize that this website is a website for beautiful dogs. I may not bring the stories and pictures of all the dogs I've helped. Some died before we were able to capture any picture. Some went on to live in a warm home.

The reason I've created this page is to share for all to see that every life, whether highly values or lowly valued, such as a street dog, have the right to live a safe life. Just because they're street dogs, having no owner and receiving no love - some had former owners, but were left behind (many of them were still in shock when they woke up in the streets) is hard enough. The physical harm, be it just a kick or being beaten almost to death is something that shouldn't happen in any part of the world.

Every life deserve a second chance, and chances after that.

Boon-Chuay - One of the most amazing thing in this world

One night, on August 12th, 2006, my national Mother's Day, it was raining. I was looking at a local website about street dogs. I found an emergency message from an 18 year old boy. He said he was looking for a phone booth. He heard noises, and tried to look for it's source. He couldn't find the souce, until he almost gave up. Finally, he found a dog laying on a pile of garbage. He bought the dog some food, but the dog couldn't feed itself, so he fed it himself. After that , he went back home to post this story on the webboard. In the webboard, he was flamed many times for not brining back the dog. While I was reading, I felt sorry for him because he's just a boy studying in university, living off someone else's residence, of course he wouldn't dare bring the dirty dog home.

I decided to post a message that if anyone is willing to bring this dog to the hospital near my home, with the vets who were already looking after many injured street dogs for me, they'll be waiting. I will adopt this dog. It turned out, many of the dog-loving members of that webboard went to pick up the dog to drop the dog off with the vets.

Once the dog arrived, the vets found that the dog was beaten to a point that all her legs were broken, she has lost most of her teeth, she was stabbed on the left side of her chest, and was burned by boiling water. All of us who were there were shocked how it survived. We wonder what it must have done to have been so badly harmed.

The vets said they weren't sure if Boon-chuay would survive, let alone being able to walk again. At the time, we named her Boon-Chuay (it means God Help.) The vets further found out that Boon-Chuay was suffering from malnutrition, crippled kidney, and many other problems. I told them to do their best. If Boon-Chuay is breathing, it means they were doing their best job. At the time, most of the members in that webboard all prayed and wrote in support. Many came to visit Boon-Chuay and the vets. One of the member was an owner of a spa, which did herbal therapy for customers. She asked to try bring her masseur to massage Boon-Chuay, and also to bring the herbs to help Boon-Chuay just as she does for people. Fortunately, the vets didn't mind trying this method. The vets said that since modern medication can only do so much, and they don't expect Boon-Chuay to fully recover, they don't see what's wrong with trying. So this member came in to massage the dog occasionally and taught the vets how to apply the herbs on Boon-Chuay many times a day. She has also brought a hydro-machine used to stimulate human feet to try and stimulate Boonchuay's muscles. This marked the big change in Boon-Chuay's fate!

The vets looked after Boon-Chuay with their moden medication and the Thai herbal way just as they've beedn taught. They tried to adapt some techniques, such as carrying Boon-Chuay with a big piece of cloth in a standing pose. I remember I was so happy to find out that Boon-Chuay, who were thought wouldn't make it, was making consistent progress, although very little at a time. From having to just lie down all the time, and head shaking due to head damage, and not beind able to feed herself, she only had her sweet eyes that looked happily upon her visitors, after some treatment, Boon-Chuay was able to attempt to stand for a couple minutes before falling down again, and was able to feed herself. This progress continued and she was able to sit down longer and longer. Just that, the vets, Boon-Chuay's fanclub, and I were so happy.

After a year, we thought that that was enough. The vets have already come to terms that they'll have to look after a crippled dog. One afternoon, close to New Year, Boon-Chuay was making loud noises. It wasn't in pain but as if looking for attention. One of the vet went in to pick her up to come watch TV with her. When the vet got up to go to the bathroom, she heard her assistant shout in shock. When she turned around, she saw Boon-Chuay standing up looking at her. The vet ran back to kiss Boon-Chuay and led Boon-Chuay to go to the bathroom with her. That day, Boon-Chuay walked the whole day. From then on, Boon-Chuay would walk around the hospital , and would sit down to wait for the vets when they have a case to look after. Boon-Chuay is now like a receptionist for the hospital.

Yes, I let Boon-Chuay stay at the hospital because she need to be fed with anti-choking pills. She loves the vets and all the assistants. She would wait everytime the vets were busy with another case. She's loved by all people there. I pay the hospital a small fee each month for her to be there. From the day, when Boon-Chuay almost didn't make it, until today when she's capable of doing most things for herself, it's been 2 years (this piece is written at the end of 2008)

This is when Boon-Chuay in her first month at the hospital. This is the least depressing picture of the time. The yellow on her skin is thai herb.

Once Boon-Chuay was able to lie down

At the time, Boon-Chuay was in pain and could hardly move her body. Only her eyes told of hope.

Everytime I visited Boon-Chuay, I hugged her and asked myself "will there be a tomorrow for her?"

Kem, the spa owner and the masseur she brought, were massaging Boon-Chuay applying herbal therapy

The masseur was trying to help Boon-Chuay stand, with the vet there studying the ancient Thai method. During this, the masseur kept saying to Boon-Chuay "I will help you"

This is the machine the vets adapted to help Boon-Chuay into a standing position

Boon-Chuay had a soul of a survivor. She tried to help herself.

The other vet helping the masseur massage Boon-Chuay

Boon-Chuay and the hydro-machine with circulating water, which was used to stimulate human feet, now used to stimualate Boon-Chuay's muscles.

Boon-Chuay receiving herbal therapy

Today, Boon-Chuay enjoys walking around the clinic and she loves to be hugged by the vets


Loso - A street dog with expensive taste.

I adopted Loso from a woman who saved Loso. She found Loso lying on the streets. We suspect he was hit by a car. I took Loso to the same hospital as Boon-Chuay. Loso was crippled. Loso had infections in his blood and couldn't urinate by himself. Today, Loso lives in that hospital with wheels. But he still has to urinate with the help of vets. I just hope he'll live to enjoy his expensive tastes. He enjoys fried chicken, milk, and bread.

Loso seems happy when he's loved. That is probably what he lacked and what he have always wanted.


Dum (Black)

Dum is a male dog, hit by a car, not very far from my home. Dum was left in the sun, inflicted with high fever (in my country, it rains hard and the sun is strong. Tough times for both men and street dogs.) When I was told of Dum, I asked the person who informed me to bring Dum to a dog clinic, a different one to Boon-Chuay and Loso. The vet named Dum, "Dum," which means black because when he first arrived there was a black-out at the clinic, so the vet thought he was black and named him so. But he isn't actually black. Since no one knew his real name, we all called him Dum.

Dum must have been hit hard by a car, so his hind legs were crippled. I left Dum with the vet, and we made him a wheelchair set. The vet would walk Dum and her own dogs everyday.

As a conclusion, although Dum is crippled, his life isn't too bad.

Dum, when in wheelchair would take a walk in the backyard near the clinic

When the vet walk Dum, the vet has to move with pace because when in a wheelchair, Dum moves very fast

The vet would walk Dum with her own dogs.

Dum likes to rest on the vet's lap.

The vet takes Dum out to relax everyday. That is another time when Dum is happy in his wheel-chair.

This is a crippled dog the vet adopted.



Wan-Pen once had an owner. One day her owner moved to a condominium and left Wan-Pen on the streets. No one know what goes on in her heart at the time. In fact, Wan-Pen wasn't named Wan-Pen at the time. The shopkeepers there call her "Tia" which means short because she has short legs. She delivered a litter on the streets. They lived near a restaurant. Some of Wan-Pen's children were killed by drunken men or cars. I heard of this story becasue a cousin of mine told me the story of Wan-Pen took the corpes of her children and licked them, as if them were still alive. She still had two puppies left. I sent people to bring her and her puppies. She was aggressive and protective. We had to use sleeping darts. My cousin took the two puppies with him and I adopted Wan-Pen. Once Wan-Pen recovered, she seems paranoid. It took her a couple of days to calm down and she began to trust us more. But she still seems sad and it looks like she's waiting for something. I named her Wan-Pen because I adopted her on a full-moon night and Wan-Pen means fullmoon. It was raining season.

When Wan-Pen frst arrived, she would ask to leave the house everyday to take a walk around the village. One of my workers had to walk with her due to fear of her running away. She would do this everyday until she gets tired and returns home. Whenever it rains, she would watch the rain. My family and I discussed that whether she misses her children or her former owner. I was confident that she missed her children so I took her to meet her children. It turned out they couldn't remember each other. Her children threatened her at first sight. That was the first and only time I took her to her puppies.

This was three years ago. Wan-Pen remains a loner, and she still watches the rain everytime. I still believe she misses her children but they just can't remember each other. I am also confident that she misses her owner, but I don't know if her former owner misses her.



Boon-Choo is a dog with extremely skinny legs. Boon-Choo used to live under Nok's arpartment, one of my assistant. Nok have always looked after Boon-Choo. One day, Nok went to visit Boon-Choo as usual but couldn't find him. It turned out he was reported and was turned in. Nok asked me for advice. I gave her one day off work so she could go see Boon-Choo. Nok later told me that the place Boon-Choo was being kept was a sad place. This was one of the reason I didn't go with Nok because I know these sights would haunt me. Nok said Boon-Choo was very happy to see her and had tears running down his face,.

Anyhow, Nok said she didn't want to bring Boon-Choo back to his old place because he mgiht get turned in again. So I allowed Boon-Choo to live at my office instead. Boon-Choo has now been living there for almost a year. Fortunately, no one at my office dislike dogs.


Tong Dee - the dog left on the motorway

A year ago, Tong Dee was thrown out of a car on the motorway. Tong Dee ran after his owner's car, but couldn't catch it. Many cars had to abruptly stop. Many people got off their car to try and catch Tong Dee because they were afraid he'd get hit. A lady used a piece of bread to lure him in. She took him with her, but she had a problem. Her house was full of cats. So she posted his story on the internet. I saw his story and adopted him. I took him to live at my office. I took Tong Dee for a check-up at a hospital. I found out that he had cancer and other infections. It could be the reason he was deserted. Oh! Tong Dee is his new name because as any other dogs I adopted, no one knows his real name.

When Tong Dee first arrived at the office, he was very depressed and only slept. He would come out everytime a car approached. This meant he did this a lot everyday. He probably thought it was the sound of his owner coming back for him. It's been a year and he still sleeps a lot. When he's called upon, he would just look up and keep on sleeping. The guard who helps to take Tong Dee to the hospital for treating cancer, loves and care for Tong Dee. I'm lucky to have such a guard at my office. My other employees also don't mind dogs, so I don't have to worry about Tong Dee and Boon Choo.

Tong Dee sleeps like this pretty much all day, ever since he has arrived.

Tong Dee and the kindful guard who looks after Tong Dee well.


Uncle Chin - The deserted blind dog

We call him Uncle Chin because he's old. He was left behind at a bus stop at a tower called Chin Tower. He was a blind dog. When I read about Uncle Chin I quickly went to pick him up because I was afraid he would be taken away to the same place Boon Choo was taken to. An old blind dog wasn't a very beautiful sight for Bangkok so it was very probable. I took Uncle Chin to the hospital that Boon-Chuay and Loso were. The vet found Uncle Chin had cancer in his sexual organ and other infections. The vet tried to treat Uncle Chin, but had to stop because the medication was harmful to his insides. As for his eyes, they were absolutely blind and couldn't be treated.

At the moment Uncle Chin lives with a friend of mine. They're a couple who breeds pomeranian. They have no children of their own. They're not rich, but they have kind hearts. They're now very happy to have Uncle Chin in their lives. Uncle Chin would wait for their return at home everyday. When the owners return home, and Uncle Chin can smell them, he would welcome them and wag his tails happily. But Uncle Chin would be facing the walls and his butt to his owners because he's blind so he doesn't know. The owners would go in and hug him. Uncle Chin would do like this everyday because he think it's correct. LOL.

I feel happy that Uncle Chin has a warm home and kind owners.

Uncle Chin when still at the hospital


Mook and Ko

Mook and Ko are the latest abandoned crippled dogs that I have adopted. Both of them seems to be poodles. They were both abandoned at a a temple at the same time, so we assume they're siblings. Mook is a female. When she was abandoned, no one knew why because she seemed in perfect health. Ko, the male, has a crippled left leg since they first met.

The people began to understand later that Mook is blind. The reason they know is because she rran around unknowingly and bang into things and people. When she bumped into people who felt disturbed, they were both hit and cast away. The day when someone decided to rescue them was the day that Mook was hit so bad her jaws broke. She ate the food that some merchants were preparing to sell, so she was punished. Her rescuer took them to the veterinarian and was looking for someone to adopt them for a long time, until I finally stepped in.

Mook were healed by having the vet sewing her jaws, which means her under jaws are shorter than her upper part of her mouth. Her tongue is always hanging out because she cannot put it away. So Mook is both blind and incapable of chewing her own food. As for Ko, he continues to drag his left leg around.

My brother Tom, took Mook and Ko to live with him. His family loves and cares for them very much. Tom feed liquid food to Mook everyday. The well-beings of these two have improved as much as it could, and they are loved as they should be. But I do not know how long their life-scars will remain in their hearts, or perhaps for the rest of their lives.

Mook sitting with her tongue hanging out because she can't keep it in. Her bright eyes, can't actually see anything.

Mook and Ko, with my brother Tom

Ko, still has a cripple leg, but he does not have to run away from anyone anymore.

Even then, Ko still show signs of fear. Time and love will help heal his heart. At least we hope.

Look at Ko, with his crippled leg, if it was you, could you harm him?

21st July, 2009



Pui is a female, with unknown age and breed. She was abandoned on the streets in front a a game shop in Bangkok. Pui banged into things, and was beaten by the shop owner, because Pui banged into his customers. The merchants there suspected that Pui is blind, which might be why she was abandoned. The final day, when Pui was rescued, was the day the game shop owner used a knife to cut all over Pui's body and threw her out onto the streets, almost getting hit by a car. The merchants there condemned the game shop owner, and took Pui to a hospital. Someone posted Pui's story on the internet looking for someone to adopt her. That person was me.

Pui had to recover from many deep cuts. Some wounds were very closed to the veins. Pui also had many diseases in her body, as street dogs do. The vet ,after thorough testing,confirmed that Pui is blind.Anyhow, Pui has survived.

I took Pui to my office. I let her stay at an empty room at the bottom of the office, together with Boonchoo, a crippled dog, whom my staff saved from the authorities. Pui have only been staying for a few days, but she's very dominant. She acts as if she was the superior to Boonchoo, and surprisingly, Boonchoo allows her. The second she hears someone walks, she would talk towards that person, and she would bang into Boonchoo, who's just lying there. She would bark and tell off Boonchoo. Boonchoo would get up and try to crawl away. Sometimes Pui walks into a chair, and of course, she barks at that chair as well. All this because she's blind. Fortunately, Boonchoo, who was there before her, let her get away with everything. My staff would help carry away the chair when she walks into it. Perhaps she thinks the chair gets out of her way, just like Boonchoo.LOL

When compared to my earlier rescued dog cases, Pui's case is considered to be lighter. We don't know how old Boonchoo and Pui are, and how much longer they are going to live. We hope that my office can be the place where BoonChoo, Pui, and another dog named Tongdee, could all live happily.

Pui, she looks good considering she's blind and just came from the steets, right?

Pui, the blind dog who acts superior to Boonchoo

Boonchoo, a dog with crippled legs. He moves by crawling. And Pui, the blind. These two crippled dogs, who are happy (I hope) at my office.

5th November, 2009


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